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6 : XTOOL D8W XTOOL D8W Smart OBD2 Scanner WIFI Car Diagnostic Tool With  38+ Services,CAN FD, ECU Coding,Bi-Directional Control,Key Programming, Crankshaft Relearn
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Product Description

Update App to V4.28.1 to enjoy 2023 newly upgraded features: ✅PMI, ✅ADAS calibration, ✅Exporting live data as CSV, etc. This 8” diagnostic tablet has packed ✅BT Connection, ✅ECU Coding & Guided Functions, ✅Flash Hidden Functions, ✅Full Bi-Directional Controls, ✅38+ Special Functions, ✅OE Level All Systems Diagnostics, ✅CAN FD Protocol, ✅Add-On Compatibility, ✅3-Year Updates, Same functionalities and even more features than $1000+ tools in the market!
Xtool D8W WIFI Car Diagnostic Tool With ECU Coding Active Test Key Programming 38 Reset Functions

Xtool D8W is an automotive smart diagnostic system with 8 inches LCD display, which is designed for mechanics, electricians, and car maintenance shops. It supports full OBDII function and automotive diagnostics for full-system, including reading ECU version information, reading fault codes, live data, and freeze frames.

Xtool D8W Diagnostic Tool Highlights:
  • 3 Years Free Updates
  • Supports VAG guided function
  • Update version of Xtool D7/D8
  • Supports CAN FD and DoIP protocols
  • Intelligent Topology Map to Faster Diagnosis
  • 10000 mAh + 4G RAM 64GB ROM + Android 10.0 + 8 inch
  • Supports WiFi wireless connection: Dual-Band WIFI Frequency
  • Supports Full system diagnostics + Bi-directional control+ Advanced ECU Coding+ 38 special functions
  • Supports 21 Languages: English, Spanish, German, Japanese, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Thai, Turkish, Russian, Indonesian, French, Farsi, Korean, Portuguese, Saudi Arabian, Italian, Finnish, Vietnamese, Hungarian, Taiwanese.
Xtool D8W Diagnostic Tool Main functions
[ECU CODING & GUIDED FUNCTIONS & FLASH HIDDEN FUNCTIONS] XTOOL D8BT wireless scan tool comes with advanced ECU Coding capability to personalize car settings like folding rearview mirror, disable annoying car settings like seat belt chime, daytime running light and maximum speed limiter; perform Online Coding, Component Matching, Adaptive Data Reset to enhance vehicle performance after component changing. Note: ECU Coding do NOT work on all cars. Check compatibility first.

[38+ SPECIAL FUNCTIONS]]D8BT diagnostic tool offers comprehensive special functions to meet daily maintenance service needs: Oil Reset/EPB/SAS/DPF/BMS/Suspension  /TPMS Reset/Trans Match/Key Programming/ABS Bleed/Injector Coding/Power Balance/Idle Relearn/Alcohol Content Reset/Crankshaft Learn/Yaw Rate Calibration /SWS Calibration/ADAS/Trans Oil Counter Reset.

[FULL BIDIRECTIONAL CONTROLS]D8BT is a bidirectional scan tool that can control various car systems & components like valves, relays, solenoids, cooling fans, to perform active tests like EVAP Tests/Injector Tests/Fuel Injector Balance/Compression Test/A/C Clutch On/Off/ABS Motor Pump/Window/Door/Wipers/Sunroof to offer more insights into the car issues for efficient and accurate repair/service. Note: Active Tests menu available varies across vehicles. Check compatibility with VIN# first.

[LEVEL ALL SYSTEMS DIAGNOSTICS]D8BT car diagnostic scanner can access and scan all available car modules remotely via BT to pull/clear codes, reset monitors, turn off warning lights in Engine/ABS/Airbag/Transmission/Suspension etc, retrieve freeze frame, ECU info, perform active tests and special functions, including check misfire data, cam retard, engine rpm, trans oil temp., mass air flow, clutch sensors, O2 sensors, ABS speed sensors, long/short term trims etc.

[88+ BRANDS COVERAGE + CAN FD PROTOCOL] TOOL D8BT automotive scan tool can work on 88+ vehicle brands, 140+ models and 10,000 cars worldwide including US, European, Asian, Australian sedans, light duty trucks, SUVs and mini vans and can work on latest CAN FD protocol vehicles like for GM 2020+. With 3 years updates, its coverage grows continuously.

xtool d8w highlights

XTOOL D8W Functions Display

WIFI Wireless Connection

Compared with OBD2 Cable Connected Devices, it reduces the complexity of cable connections.
Compared with Bluetooth Connected Devices, Wireless WiFi Connection Diagnosis is more stable.
In General, WIFI Wireless Connection has longer transmission distance, faster speed and better compatibility, which can improve the efficiency of car maintenance and save valuable time.

Wireless Connection DoIP Function
The Distance for WIFI Connection is approximately 10-20M

xtool d8w dual wifi

Intelligent Module Topology Mapping To Boost Repair Efficiency By 65%

XTOOL D8W smart diagnostic tool features Module Topology to scan all available car modules and show color coded diagnosis status in tree mapping that reveals the underlying communication structures between modules.

  • Get diagnostic results in color coded modules at one glance
  • Dive into the fault right on the tree mapping
  • Prevent “false” fixes by considering all inter-connected modules to boost repair efficiency by 65%

Note: Module Topology are not available to all vehicle makes for now. Available for G, CHRYSLER, JEEP, DODGE, FORD, TOYOTA, NISSAN, HONDA, BMW/BENZ, HYUNDAI, MAZDA and more to come.

xtool d8w topology map

XTOOL D8W OE-Level All Systems Diagnosis

XTOOL D8W auto scanner diagnostic tool can access and scan all available modules and systems in your vehicle; such as ECM, TCM, ABS, SRS, BCM, IMMO, BMS, TPMS, SAS, fuel system, light system, Wwiper system, A/C system, etc. To perform OE-level full diagnostic functions.

  • To Read/Clear DTCs: (Diagnostic Trouble Codes), Retrieve ECU Information, View Live Data, View Freeze Frame, Actuation Test, ECU coding and Special Functions.
  • 8-in-1 Live Data Stream: Display 8 data streams (Graphics & Text) at one time, to better help you monitor and analyze the health status of the system.
  • Auto VIN & Scan: Automatically identify your car information without manually entering the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and Quickly scan your car to find the cause of the vehicle failure.
  • Select Vehicle by Area: Scan the car faults by selecting the car model from the menu.

Note: Functions vary by the car manufacturer, model and year. Please check the compatibility.
xtool d8w full system diagnostics

XTOOL D8W Advanced ECU Coding

XTOOL D8WECUCoding scan tool can perform online coding, components matching, adaptive data reset and flash hidden functions, to enhance vehicle performance and personalize car settings after replacing the ECU.

Recode Replaced Modules: Download data from server and write it to new ECU after replacing ECU.

Renew ECUs Coordination: Update the ECU software to latest version to optimize car performance.

Reset Adaptive Data: Reset the adaptive value after repairing or replacing the ECU.

Refresh Hidden Functions: Enable hidden functions or disable infrequently used functions to personalize car settings. Work for Audi/BMW/Ford/Lexus/Lincoln/Mazda/Scion/Skoda/Toyota/VW.

Guided Functions

With Guided Functions for VAG, XTOOL D8W ECU Coding tool provides OE level operation guidance for some complex special Functions for VAG vehicles, to simplify the diagnosis process and shorten the diagnosis time.

WARM TIPS: Functions are NOT universally compatible with all vehicles. Please check compatibility first.
xtool d8w ecu coding

XTOOL D8W Bi-Directional Control/Active Tests
XTOOL D8W bidirectional scan tool can use active tests to output commands to the ECU, to turn on/off control modules or components without using the vehicle controls, thus saving diagnosis time. Such as:

  • EVAP Tests
  • Compression Test
  • Turn On/Off Radiator Fan
  • A/C Clutch On/Off
  • Fuel Pump
  • Window/Mirror/Door Lock Test
  • Pump and Value Tests
  • Interior & Exterior Lights Test
  • Sound Horn Test

xtool d8w active test

Xtool D8 W Scanner 38+ Special Functions 

1. Oil Reset: Perform reset for a new countdown of engine oil life system once changed the oil.

2. EPB Reset: Reset brake pads to maintain the electronic braking system safely and effectively.

3. SAS Calibration: Erase fault SAS memories and make calibration for Steering Angle Sensor

4. BMS Reset: Register the newly replaced car battery into the car computer.

5. Gearbox Match: Matching the gearbox/transmission after replacement.

6. ABS Bleed: Bleed the air out of the ABS system for firm brake pedals.

7. Key Programming: Add new keys, disable lost keys, remote learning.

8. Injector Coding: Code the new injectors after replacement for accurate fuel injecting control and improve fuel efficiency.

Other Special Functions Includes: Throttle Relearn, Suspension Calibration, Trans Adaptation(Gearbox Match), TPMS Reset, ABS Initialization, Seat Calibrations, Zero Point Calibration(of yaw rate sensor/seat weight sensor, etc), Window/Door/Sunroof, Headlight Adjustment, Airbag Reset(airbag reset and clear airbag crash data), Idle Relearn, Power Balance, Transport Mode, Tire Upgrade, Tooth Learning, VGT Learn(VGT Turbo Calibration), Fuel Trim Reset, Fuel Alcohol Composition Reset, Air/Fuel Reset, Start/Stop Reset, Language Change, and continuously growing.

Note: Special Functions vary across vehicle makes, models, year. Please come to us with VIN number to check compatibility before purchase.
xtool d8w special functions


The IMMO service can disable a lost vehicle key and program the replacement key fob. One or more replacement key fobs can be programmed. like programming new key fobs, Read PIN code/pin code calculation,Check number of keys, Generate key, Add key, All key lost

  • Read PinCode
  • Generate key, Key Refresh
  • Make Dealer Key
  • All Key Lost
  • Immobilizer Data Reading & Writing
  • Backup IMMO Data
  • Remote Frequency Detection
  • Immobilizer Module Replacement
  • IMMO ECU Reset & Coding
  • Mercedes lnfrared Key Read/Write
  • And more...

Note: Not all cars support key programming. Please send the specific car model to the seller to check the compatibility before purchasing.
xtool d8w key programming


  • SUPPORT CAN FD PROTOCOL: Compatible More CAN FD Protocol Vehicles (For GM Vehicles After 2020) (CAN FD Adapter NO Needs Buy Separately)
  • SUPPORT DOIP PROTOCOL: DOIP Function Compatible For BMW E/F/G Chassis, Jaguar, Land Rover vehicle makes
  • 8 IN 1 LVE DATA DISPALY: Reads, graphs and combines 8 independent streams of sensor data. Real-time data export to CSV file and data recording, playback, viewing. Allows you to export live data to a csv file for storage and comparison over time, or to view its graphical changes and textual readouts later.
  • FAST AUTO VIN SCAN: XTOOL D8W is based on the latest VIN auto-scan function, which can quickly identify the vehicle and scan all diagnosable ECUs and run diagnostics on the selected system. For vehicles that do not support the automatic VIN scan feature, you can manually enter the vehicle VIN.
  • WiFi Connection Diagnosis: Without relying on OBD2 cable limitations, WiFi connection to the car makes diagnosis work more efficient, convenient, and stable.
  • 3 YEARS FREE UPDATE (Value of $600): 3 year free update, one-click update when the device is connected to the network, download the latest model, update the latest functions, and more functions are under development.
  • Lifetime Remote Technical Support: Contact with the seller to arrange an 1V1 appointment for remote tech support to solve your problem in time.

xtool d8w more features

XTOOL D8W Smart OBD2 Scanner Support Car List
Work For 85+ Car Maker, 140+ Brands, Covered 10,000+ Cars

XTOOL D8W all-in-one scanner is specially customized for large Maintenance Shops, Workshops, Car Dealers, Auto Mechanic. Work for 12V Petrol Sedans, SUVs, Minivans,Light-Duty Trucks across the globe.

Europe Cars: for DEMO, for VW, for MINI, for LANDROVER, for SEAT, for FERRARI, for FORD, for OPEL, for ALFA for ROMEO, for VOLVO and more

America Cars: for DEMO, for GM, for FORD, for CADILLAC, for CHEVROLET, for GMC, for HUMMER, for JEEP and more 

Asia Cars: for Demo, for TOYOTA -LEXUS, for ISUZU, for MAZDA, for KIA, for INFINITI, for ACURA, for NISSAN and more 

Australia Cars: for Demo, for Ford

xtool d8w car list

XTOOL D8W Supports 21 Kinds of Language

English, Spanish, German, Japanese, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Thai, Turkish, Russian, Indonesian, French, Farsi, Korean, Portuguese, Saudi Arabian, Italian, Finnish, Vietnamese, Hungarian, Taiwanese.

Steps on How to Set the Language

1. Activate the device with email address and serial number

2. Send the serial number to the seller to authorize the language

3. Switch language in settings

4. Click Update Device

Note: English is default language, if you need other language, please contact seller.
xtool d8w multi language

XTOOL D8W Advance Hardware Configuration

Operating System: Android 10

Processor: 4 Core 1.5 GHz

Memory: 4G RAM, 64 ROM

Display: 8-inch capacitive touch screen

Resolution: 1024×768P resolution

Communication Method:WIFI

Connectivity: WIFI 2.4/5G

Input Voltage: 9 to 36V

Dimension: 274.0×175.0×33.8 mm

Protocol Compatibility: CANFD, DOIP
xtool d8w parameter
Packing List:

1PC X US Power Cable
1PC X Power Adapter
1PC X EU Power Cable
1PC X UK Power Cable
1PC X USB Cable
1PC X Tool Kit
1PC X Quick Start Guide
1PC X Carton
1PC X D8W Tablet
xtool d8w package list

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Tech support

What’s the difference between new Xtool D7W/D8W and old D7, D8, D8BT bi-directional diagnostic scanners?

Check table comparisons below:

Table 1: Xtool D7W vs D8W

  Xtool D7W


Xtool D7w

Xtool D8W


Xtool D7w 1

Screen 7 inch 8 inch
Processor Quad-Core 1.5GHz 4 Core 1.8GHz
Storage 2GB+64GB 4GB+64GB 
Operating System Android 10 Android 10
Display resolution 1024×600 1024×768P
Battery 5000mAh 10,000 mAh
Connection USB/WiFi 2.4/5G USB/WiFi 2.4/5G
Kickstand Yes Yes
CAN FD Protocol Built-in CAN FD protocol Built-in CAN FD protocol
DoIP protocol Built-in DoIP protocol Built-in DoIP protocol
VCI Wireless VCI Wireless VCI
Full system diagnostic Yes Yes
AutoScan & AutoVIN Yes Yes
Full Bi-Directional Controls



Yes Yes
Special Functions 36+ Special Functions 38+ Special Functions
Key Programming Yes with KC100 or KC501 Yes with KC100 or KC501
ECU Coding Yes, VAG cars Yes, VAG cars
Offline programming Ford, Lincoln, Mazda
VAG Guided Function Yes
Flash Hidden Functions Yes
ECU Programming No No
Topology Mapping No Yes
Live Data Graphing Export Live Data as CSV Export Live Data as CSV
Endoscope With XV100 With XV100
Update 3 years free update 3 years free update

D8W and D7W may seem similar in capabilities such as:

  • with wireless VCI, supports WiFi connection
  • Android 10 operating system
  • full system diagnostics,
  • bi-directional control,
  • 38 common service functions,
  • ECU coding for VAG cars like VW, SKODA, and AUDI.

D8W supports Topology Mapping, Ford/Mazda offline programming and VAG guided function, D7W does not.

D8W has larger storage and battery.

Table 2: Xtool D8 vs D8 BT vs D8W

  Xtool D8


Xtool D8

Xtool D8 BT


Xtool D8bt

Xtool D8W


Xtool D7w 1

Screen 8 inch 8 inch 8 inch
Processor Quad-Core 1.8GHz 1.8Ghz quad-core 4 Core 1.8GHz
Storage 2GB+64GB 2GB+64GB 4GB+64GB 
Operating System 5.1.1 Android 5.1.1 Android 10
Display resolution ‎1024 x 768 ‎1024 x 768 1024×768P
Battery 10,000 mAh 10,000 mAh built-in battery 10,000 mAh
Connection USB USB, Bluetooth USB/WiFi 2.4/5G
Kickstand Yes Yes Yes
CAN FD Protocol No Yes



Built-in CAN FD protocol
DoIP protocol Built-in DoIP protocol
VCI   BT VCI Wireless VCI
Full system diagnostic Yes Yes Yes
AutoScan & AutoVIN AutoVin AutoVIN Yes
Full Bi-Directional Controls



Yes Yes Yes
Special Functions 38+ Special Functions 38+ Special Functions 38+ Special Functions
Key Programming Yes with KC100 or KC501 Yes with KC100 or KC501 Yes with KC100 or KC501
ECU Coding Yes, VAG cars Yes, VAG cars Yes, VAG cars
Offline programming Ford, Lincoln, Mazda Ford, Lincoln, Mazda Ford, Lincoln, Mazda
VAG Guided Function Yes Yes Yes
Flash Hidden Functions Yes Yes Yes
ECU Programming No No No
Topology Mapping No No Yes
Live Data Graphing Export Live Data as CSV Export Live Data as CSV Export Live Data as CSV
Endoscope With XV100 With XV100 With XV100
Update 3 years free update 3 years free update 3 years free update

D8 USB connection only, D8 BT supports Bluetooth connection, D8W supports WiFi connection. D8W has enhanced hardware, with built-in CAN FD and DoIP protocols. It also adds Topology Mapping function. Other features are similar.

Table 3: Xtool D7 vs D7S vs D7W

Scanner Xtool D7


Xtool D7

Xtool D7S


Xtool D7S

Xtool D7W


Xtool D7w

Screen 7 inch 7 inch 7 inch
Processor Quad-Core 1.5GHz Quad-Core 1.6GHz Quad-Core 1.5GHz
Storage 2G+32G 2G+64G 2G+64G
Operating System Android 5.1.1 Android 10 Android 10
Display resolution 1024*768 1024*600 1024*600
Battery 4,000mAh 5,000mAh 5,000mAh
Connection USB USB USB, WiFi, 2.4GHz & 5GHz
Kickstand No Yes Yes
CAN FD Protocol Yes Yes
DoIP protocol Yes Yes
Full system diagnostic Yes Yes Yes
AutoScan & AutoVIN AutoVIN AutoVIN AutoVIN
Full Bi-Directional Controls



Yes Yes Yes
Special Functions 36+ 36+ 36+
Key Programming Yes with KC100 or KC501 Yes with KC100 or KC501 Yes with KC100 or KC501
ECU Coding ECU Coding for VW, Audi, Skoda ECU Coding for VW, Audi, Skoda
VAG Guided Function
Flash Hidden Functions Yes Yes
ECU Programming
Topology Mapping
Live Data Graphing Yes Yes Yes
Endoscope Yes, with XV100 Yes, with XV100 Yes, with XV100
Update 3 years free update 3 years free update 3 years free update

D7/D7S USB connection only, D7W supports WiFi connection. D7W with built-in CAN FD and DoIP protocols. D7S/S7W add VAG ECU coding function. Other features are similar.