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6 : D9 Pro
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51.7cm*15.2cm*36cm ( Inch: 20.35*5.98*14.17 )
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Product Description

Multi-language Xtool D9 Pro is an Automtive diagnostic tool With 2GB RAM + 64GBROM, 3 Years Free Update, supports ECU coding, programming, Full system diagnostic, Bi-Directional Control, Actuation test, with 10 Android Systems TouchScreen , Intelligent Topology Map to Faster Full Systems Diagnosis for Deep Inspection,
XTOOL D9 PRO Full Bi-Directional Diagnostic and Coding Tool 


  • 3 Years Software Udpate 
  • Support CAN FD/DoIP
  • Top Hardware Configuration, Upgraded of D8BT/D8
  • Bi-Directional Control/Key Programming Capability 
  • OE-Level Full System Diagnostic with Topplogy Module Mapping
  • 2023 Newest Upgraded Smart Wireless Diagnostic Tool, Supports DoIP & CAN FD
  • Intelligent Topology Map to Faster Full Systems Diagnosis for Deep Inspection
  • 42+ Services & Calibration/Initialization/Matching/Relearn Functions
  • Advanced ECU Programming & Coding +Flash Hidden Features for Benz/BMW/VW/AUDI/SKODA/FORD(off line)/MAZDA(off line)
  • Supports 14+ menu language. Please send the Serial Number(S/N) to change English to Spanish, Portuguese, French, Japanese, German, Polish, Russian, Italian, Korean, Dutch, Swedish, etc.
  • One Click WIFI Update: D9 PRO automotive scanner With 3-Year Free Software Update, you are free to update available softwares in any times. Recommend to download the newest software if it is
    available to get the best experience, as we always focus on our scanner to optimize user experience and improve software issues, improve vehicle coverage and the accuracy of repair
  • Check the supported car list here
  • D9 Pro will support vehicles with DoIP procotol, but you will not see the DoIP port available anymore. The DoIP port is now been integrated into the VCI box to make sure the connection and data transfer more stable. So there is no need for DoIP port on the diagnostic tablet.
How to Use XTOOL D9 PRO
How Xtool D9 Pro Do Self-Test ? Check here
How to Update Xtool D9 Pro? Check here
How to Register and Activate Xtool D9 Pro? Check here

XTOOL D9 PRO  feature 1

XTOOL D9 PRO Functions

OE-Level Full System Diagnostics:

XTOOL D9 Pro is an OE-level full diagnostic scanner as it can scan ECUs in different types of vehicle systems and subsystems such as engine, TCM(Transmission), SRS(Airbag), ABS, TPMS, BCM, BODY, AC and much more, read /clear codes, view the live data from each available system, perform active tests to check the work status of modules, providing you with a Dealership- Level only diagnosis, getting the accurate and in-depth results across all automotive systems.

Bi-Directional Control/Active Test

Full bi-directional control ability to verify system input/output by sending commands to vehicle’s systems/components. Such as EVAP Tests, Compression Test, turn on/off radiator fan, A/C Clutch On/Off, Fuel Pump, Window/Mirror/Door Lock Test, Pump and Value Tests, Interior & exterior lights Test, Sound horn Test, etc
XTOOL D9 PRO full system diagnostic

Smart AutoVin & Auto Scan+BT Connection+Cable Connection:

XTOOL D9 Pro provides you with more efficient diagnosis work. You just need to plug the VCI into the OBD2 port, within a working range of 33 feet(10 m), you can use the D9 Pro to communicate with the vehicle through BT connection, providing you with higher mobility. Use AutoVin to automatically read the vehicle identification number, or access the OBDII menu to use Auto Scan to perform a comprehensive scan of all available modules to shorten the diagnosis time.

ECU Coding & Online Coding

Quick access the ECU of a vehicle to re-flash vehicles control modules, and customize the vehicle as need, optimize the specific performance to improve fuel efficiency, reduce power loss, improve the durability of mechanical parts.

  • ECU Coding Capability: Compatible with VW/ AUDI/ SKODA/ BMW/ BENZ ONLY
  • Re-flash Hidden Function (Customization) : Compatible with BMW/ VW/ AUDI/ SKODA/ TOYOTA/ LEXUS/ SCION/ MAZDA/ FORD/ LINCOLN ONLY
  • Guided Functions: Compatible with VW/AUDI/SKODA ONLY

ECU Programming (Online Calibration & Online Parameterization)

All-in-one solution for your ECU tuning needs, allow you program or flash ECU after replacing the modules.

  • Compatible with BMW/VW/AUDI/SKODA/BENZ ONLYY

Programmable Module Installation

Helps to quickly upload/copy data from the old module to the new module and make it work properly

  • Compatible withMAZDA/FORD/LINCOLN ONLY
XTOOL D9 PRO ecu coding

Topology Map

XTOOL OBD2 scanner Maxicom M909 has Topology Module Mapping design to give you the distinctive diagnostic results:
1) Displays the entire system through the Topology Map to glance all the modules with faults, which is easy to locate faults and causes. 
2) Color-coded topology displays all system status in one page
3) View structure of communication between modules 
*NOTE:Please be noted that Topology is not universal to all the above vehicle brand models, please send your VIN to us before you place orde

New Update>>New App version above V4.25.4_6.36 adding Topology Map and optimized battery performance for below Vehicle brands:

For GM(Buick, Pontiac, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Saturn, GMC, Hummer)-->Software package above V11.70;

For Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep-->Software package above V8.7; For VW( Audi/vw/Skoda)-->Software package above V13.30

For Toyota-->Software package above V13.70; For Nissan-->Software package above V12.91; For Honda/Acura-->Software package above V11.60;

For Hyundai/Kia-->Software package above V13.30;

For BMW/Mini-->Software package above V11.95; For Benz-->Software package above V20.61;

For Ford/Lincoln-->Software package above V13.4; For Mazda-->Software package above V12.2;

More coming soon!
XTOOL D9 PRO topology mapping

42+ Special Service Functions
  • ECU Configuration: Re-flash the hidden function of the car and customize the vehicle as need.
  • Crankshaft Sensor Relearn: Make the right adjustments after replacing the crankshaft sensors to prevent symptoms like slow Response from the Accelerator, Erratic Starting, Stalling and Backfiring, etc
  • ABS Bleeding: Perform to bleed the brake system to restore ABS braking sensitivity and obtain a firm brake pedal.
  • Fuel Trim Reset: Reset the fuel trims provides for a chance that your adaptive fuel map could become stable.
  • IMMO / Key Programming: Disable a lost vehicle key to protect the vehicle from being stolen and add the new key.
  • Oil Reset: Reset the new calculation of Engine Oil Life System for an accurate reading of the next oil change.
  • EPB: Reset the calipers, brake discs or pads after the electronic parking brake system is repaired.
  • BMS Match: Reset after replacing the battery to clear the low battery fault information of the original battery and protect the new battery.
  • Injector Coding: Code a new injector to better identify injectors to accurately control fuel injection.
  • SAS Adjustment: Clear the fault steering angle sensor memories, perform reset steering angle sensor, and turn off steering wheel warning light.
  • Throttle Relearn: Reset the throttle actuators to accurately regulate throttle (or idle engine) operations, helps keep your idling and acceleration smooth.
  • Airbag Repair: After replacing the Airbag, reset the Airbag data and clear the collision data.
  • Also including: TPMS Reset, Air Suspension, Gear Learning(Crankshaft Relearn), Gearbox(Transmission) Match, Headlight Adjustment, Window Initialization, Seat Configurations, Power Balance, Electronic Pump Activation, Disable Transportation, Tire Refit, A/F Reset, Start/Stop Reset, Language Change, Transmission Service Fast Relearn, Fuel Injector Balance, Camshaft Position Relearn, Idle Learn, Zero- Point Calibration, Fuel Alcohol Composition Reset, Actuator Calibration Test, WCS Reset, VIN Registration(Write), Injector Balance Rate Programming, etc are all available.
Please come to us with the vehicle Make/Model/Year/VIN to check compatibility before order.
XTOOL D9 PRO special functions

Support Newest Doip and with CAN FD Functions

the D9 Pro can works for the Doip protocol and CAN FD .CAN-FD data frame newly adds EDL bit, BRS bit, ESI bit in the control field, and adopts new DLC encoding method and new CRC algorithm (CRC field is extended to 21 bits)

Report Sharing & Printing

XTOOL D9 car diagnostic tablet allows workshops or mechanics to print out the diagnostic reports or directly share the PDF file with customers to avoid disputes.

  • Generating Diagnostic Report: Back out all the way to the main menu will generate a diagnostics report automatically. (NOTE: no diagnostic reports available for special functions.)
  • Report Sharing: You can set up Gm_ail on the scanner to share your diagnostic report. You may check out YouTUb tutorial video for the set up process or reach us for instructions.
  • Set up Printer: This android tablet is compatible with all major printers in the market. Check out YouTube tutorial video for the setup process or reach us for instructions.
  • Remote Support: While having issue, you may reach us directly to schedule a remote assistance, providing the Teamviewer ID, the city you live in.

Work with Add-Ons to Further Extent Capabilities

XTOOL D9 automotive diagnostic system is compatible with various add-ons as below to further extent its capabilities:

  • Works with KC100: for general purpose key programming,
  • Works with KC501for advanced level all purpose key programming,
  • Works with EEPROM Adapter: for PIN reading and & EEPROM reading & writing while key programming,
  • Works with XV100 Inspection Camera: for hard-to-reach spots visual inspection of stains, rusts, wear and tear, like engine cylinders.
3 Years Software Updates

One Click WIFI Update
D9 PRO automotive scanner With 3-Year Free Software Update, you are free to update available softwares in any times. Recommend to download the newest software if it is available to get the best experience, as we always focus on our scanner to optimize user experience and improve software issues, improve vehicle coverage and the accuracy of repair.

XTOOL D9 car diagnostic scanner comes with 3 Years Software Updates to continuously expand vehicle coverage, add newly developed features, improve interact experience and fix software glitches.

NOTE: You can use the last update software programs even if you choose not to renew subscription.

NOTE: You may skip all the years you don’t want to update, and pay just ONE year’s subscription to get software up to date. No need to pay for past years subscriptions.

XTOOL D9 car diagnostic tablet Support Car List

XTOOL D9Pro car diagnostic scanner works on more than 85+ US domestic, European, and Asian makes and models, more than 10000 cars, the extensive vehicle coverage can provide you with almost every diagnostic option a mechanic could need. With a multilingual menu, you can easily switch between languages, allowing mechanics to avoid language barriers and focus on their vehicle data.

Aisa: Compatible with (JAPAN) Acura, Daihatsu, Honda, Infiniti, Isuzu, Jpisuzu, Lexus, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Nissan GTR, Scion, Subaru, Subaru, Suzuki, Tlisuzu, (KOREA) Daewoo, Hyundai, KIA, Samsung, Ssangyong; (CHINA) Baic, Beijing, Changan, Changan-Ford, Changcheng, Changhe, Chsuzuki, DF Peugeot, DF Honda, DF Nissan, DF XK, Flyer,BYD, Fukang, Futian,Foton, Geely, Gonow, GZ Honda, Hafei, Haoqing, HC BMW, Hmada, Huachen, Isuzu, JMC, Jacty, Jianghuai, Jiao, Jinlong, Joylong, Lifan, Liuwel-TY, Luxgen, NJ Fiat, Qirul-TY,chery, Qoros, Saicmg, Spark-TY, Trumpchi GAC, Weili, Xiaokang Dongfeng, Xili,Faw Tianjin, Xinkai, YQ Mazda, Zhongshun, Zhongtai, Zotye, Zhongxing (MALAYSIA) Perodua, Proton, (IRAN)MVM

Europe:Compatible with Vaz, Porsche, Maserati, BMW, Seat, VW, Audi, Citroen, Landrover, Smart, Renault, Skoda, Sprinter, Land Rover, Benz, Fiat, Opel, Volvo, Peugeot, Ferrari, Saab, Gaz, DR

USA: Compatible with Gm, USAFord, Chrysler, Willy; Australia: Compatible with Austford, Holden; Brazil: Compatible with BXFiat, BXGM

Detail function and car list, check official website: www.xtooltech.com

Hardware Configuration:

  • OS System & Processor: : Android 10, Quad-core processor 1.8GHz
  • Storage: 2G+64G
  • Display: 9.7-inch capacitive, 1024×768 resolution
  • Connectivity: USB/Wi-Fi(2.4GHz & 5GHz Dual-Frequency)/Bluetooth
  • Audio Input/ Audio Output: Microphone/ Loudspeaker
  • Ports: USB3.0/DC charging port/VGA port/DOIP port
  • Battery: 10000mAh
Package Includes:

1pc x XTOOL D9 Pro tablet
1pc x VCI Box
1pc x For KIA-20 adapter
1pc x For Toyota-17 adapter
1pc x For GM/DAEWOO-12 adapter
1pc x For Honda-3 adapter 
1pc x For Suzuki-3 adapter
1pc x For Hyundai/Kia-10 adapter 
1pc x For Fiat-3 adapter
1pc x For Nissan-14 adapter
1pc x For Mazda-17 adapter
1pc x For OBD2-16 adapter
1pc x For BMW-20 adapter
1pc x For Benz-38 cable
1pc x For Mitsubishi-12+16 cable
1pc x For Benz-14 cable
1pc x Main cable
1pc x For Universal -3 cable
1pc x For Citroen-2 cable
1pc x For Audi-4 cable 
1pc x For Audi-4 clip cable
1pc x Cigarette lighter
1pc x Power adapter
1pc x USB cable
1pc x Type-C cable
1pc x US power cord
1pc x EU power cord
1pc x Manual
Xtool D9 Pro package
 Xtool d9 Pro size
 Xtool d9 Pro size 12
Xtool D8 vs D8 BT vs D9 vs D9 Pro
Item Xtool D8 Xtool D8 BT Xtool D9 Xtool D9 Pro
Image xtool d8 xtool d8 bt xtool d9 xtool d9 pro
OE Full Systems Diagnostics&Bidirectional Control Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bidirectional Control Yes Yes Yes Yes
ECU Coding and Programming ECU Coding ONLY
Offline Programming for Ford/Lincoln/Mazda(PMI)
Offline Programming for Ford/Lincoln/Mazda(PMI)
Offline Programming for Ford/Lincoln/Mazda(PMI)
Battery & Display 10,000mAh/8" Touch Screen 10,000mAh/8" Touch Screen 10,000mAh/9.7" Touch Screen 10,000mAh/9.7" Touch Screen
Service Functions 38+ 38+ 42+ 42+
Software Update 3 years, (199/Year) 3 years, (199/Year) 3 years, (299/Year) 3 years, (399/Year)
Support CAN FD & DoIP protocol Supports CAN FD Supports CAN FD Supports CAN FD and DoIP Supports CAN FD and DoIP
Connection Cable connection Bluetooth connection BT Connection & Wired Connection via USB Type B cable BT Connection & Wired Connection via USB Type B cable
Topology Mapping     Yes Yes


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 1)DHL Shipping and Other Express Service:
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  • DHL will be the default delivery method
  • To help you clearance we will help declare a lower price on the invoice to help clearance.
  • If address is remote area, you need pay remote freight 45 USD or we will ship by Normal Post or Yanwen/EMS/Aramex Express.
  • For some eu countries, there might be customs duty problem, if you have any special rquest on this, you can email to inform us your suggestions.
 2)Yanwen Express: 
  • Take About 7-10 working days, No Tax Problem
  • Usually No Tax for European Countries or Remote Area. The tax was pre-paid, when package reached, there's no tax no extra fee for customers.
  • Due to high custom tax in European Countries, Like CanadaGermany, Greece, Romania, Sweden, France,etc, we will use Yanwen express as first option, if you will need faster DHL shipment, please contact us, thank you.
 3)Normal Registered Airmail Post way
  • Take About 10-16 working days, Sometimes will be 20 days. 
  • Registered Airmail Includes Netherlands Post, USPS Post, Singapore Post, Hongkong Post, etc
  • Order amount less than 150USD, and package weight less than 2KG will be sent by Registered airmail. 
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We can offer you lifetime customer service and tech support. If you have any problems, please Provide error image or video to show the problem, and kindly describe it in detail, technician will try their best to help you solve the problem. If there are no solution, you can return it for refund or get a new one for replacement.

 For any question, please contact us at:
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  • EOBD2shop is a OBDII tool online supplier providing best-quality ECU chip uning tools, car diagnostic tools, OBDII Code scanners, car key programmers, heavy duty scanners, locksmith tools etc. 
  • Besides, we are the agent for many original brand such as Autel, Xhorse, OBDstar, VXdiag, XTOOL,Launch,CGDI, Yanhua ect.


Xtool d9 Pro UNBOXING

How to activate XTool D9 Pro

XTool D9 Pro Software Upgrade Guide

How to do self test for XTool D9 Pro

Tech support

1. What is the difference among Xtool D8 BT, D9 and D9 Pro diagnostic scanner?
2. XTool D7 vs D8 vs D9 vs D9 Pro

What is the difference among Xtool D8 BT, D9 and D9 Pro diagnostic scanner?

First of all, check a table comparison here:

Item Xtool D8 BT


Xtool D8 Bt

Xtool D9


Xtool D9

Xtool D9 Pro


Xtool D9 Pro Image

Screen 8 inch 9.7 inch 9.7 inch
Processor 1.8Ghz quad-core 1024×768 Quad-Core 1.8GH
Storage 64GB 2GB+ 128GB 2GB RAM & 128GB ROM
Operating System Android 5.1.1 Android 10.0 Android 10.0
Display resolution ‎1024 x 768 1024×768 1024×768
Battery 10,000 mAh built-in battery 10000mAh 10000m Ah
Connection USB, WiFi, Bluetooth USB, WiFi, Bluetooth USB, WiFi, Bluetooth
CAN FD Protocol Yes, Compatible with 2020MY and later BUICK / CHEVROLET / CADILLAC / GMC / HOLDEN, etc.



Yes, Compatible with 2020MY and later BUICK / CHEVROLET / CADILLAC / GMC / HOLDEN, etc.



Yes, Compatible with 2020


MY and later BUICK




DoIP protocol   Yes  Yes



VCI Wireless VCI Xtool DoIP VCI Xtool DoIP VCI J2534
Full system diagnostic Yes Yes Yes
AutoScan & AutoVIN AutoVIN Yes Yes
Full Bi-Directional Controls



Yes Yes Yes
Special Functions 38+ Special Functions 42+ Special Functions 42+ Special Functions
Key Programming Yes with KC501 Yes with KC501 Yes with KC501
ECU Coding VW / AUDI / Škoda. Ecu coding VW / AUDI / Škoda. Ecu coding BMW / VW / AUDI / Škoda / BENZ ecu coding
VAG Guided Function Yes Yes Yes
Flash Hidden Functions Yes Yes Yes
ECU Programming No No BMW Benz VW Audi SKODA online ECU programming,


Program Ford Mazda Programmable Module Installation (PMI) offline

Topology Mapping No Yes Yes
Live Data Graphing Export Live Data as CSV Export Live Data as CSV; 8-In-1 Graphing; Graph up to 8 sensors individually on the same screen, etc Export Live Data as CSV;


8-In-1 Graphing;

Graph up to 8 sensors individually on the same screen, etc

Endoscope   Yes, XV100, package not included Yes, XV100,


package not included

NON-OBD2 connector Kit Yes Yes Yes
Update 3 years free update 3 years free update,


$258 per year later

3 years free update,


$358 per year later

The difference between the D9 and the D9 Pro is:

  • D9 Pro supports ECU CODING for BMW / VW / AUDI / Škoda / BENZ…. The D9 only supports the VW / AUDI / Škoda.
  • D9 Pro supports ECU PROGRAMMING for BMW/ VW / AUDI / Škoda / BENZ / FORD (Offline) / MAZDA (Offline)…. the D9 does not.
  • The update fee for the D9 is $258, and the update fee for the D9 Pro is $358 after the 3 years of free updates.

The difference between D9 Pro and D8/D8BT is: 

The X-Tool D9 Pro kit is the top of the range tool by X Tool, and will let you do pretty much everything the garage & Main Dealer workshop will do. It is one of the most advanced Scan Tool & Coding kits I have ever worked with.

D9 screen is roughly 1″ larger than the D8. Both the D8 and D9 will cover all main systems like engine, abs, airbags, transmission, steering, brake and so much more. They can both do Auto VIN, Read ECU Info, Read codes, Clear Codes, Read Live data Freeze Frame Data, Actuation/bi directional tests. Coding & guided function. The D9 PRO can do ECU coding & programming For special/service functions, both the D8 & D9 will cover the following:




























The following functions are only supported by the D9 Pro:















Both the D9 and D9 Pro are both wireless Bluetooth. The D9 Pro comes with ECU programming capabilities on VW, Mercedes, BMW, and offline ECU programming on Ford, Mazda while XTOOL D9 does not.
A few things important to note:
  • If you don’t need ecu programming function, you don’t need to update D8 to D9 because they are similar.
  • The D8BT (bluetooth) can NOT be wired in the event the BT fails. However, the D9 CAN be wired if the BT fails.
  • ECU Programming is available on the D9 but limited to VW/Audi/Skoda. ECU Programming on the D9 Pro is expanded to BMW, Mazda, Benz, Ford, VW/Audi/SKODA.
  • D9/D9 Pro has the topology scanning to see the network diagram.
2. XTool D7 vs D8 vs D9 vs D9 Pro

The XTOOL D series diagnostic tool includes D7, D8, D9, and D9 Pro. All of these tools are designed for vehicle diagnostics, and they can perform basic functions like reading and clearing fault codes, viewing live data, and performing maintenance services like oil reset, EPB reset, and battery reset.

The D7, D8, D9, and D9 Pro have different display sizes, operating systems, processors, and memory configurations. The D9 Pro has the most advanced features, including key programming and ECU coding, while the D7 is the most basic of the four.

Overall, the XTOOL D series diagnostic tools are designed to offer OE-level full diagnoses, fast troubleshooting, and efficient repair, making them ideal for professional mechanics and DIY enthusiasts.

Here’s a comparison table of the Xtool D7, D8, D9, and D9PRO diagnostic tools:

Model Xtool D7 Xtool D8 Xtool D9 Xtool D9PRO
Display 7-inch touchscreen 8-inch touchscreen 9.7-inch touchscreen 9.7-inch touchscreen
Operating System Android 4.4.4 Android 4.4.4 Android 7.1 Android 7.1
Processor Quad-core 1.6GHz Quad-core 1.8GHz Quad-core 1.8GHz Quadcore 1.8GHz
Battery 4000mAh 10000mAh 11000mAh 10000mAh
Connectivity USB USB USB, Bluetooth USB, Bluetooth
OBDII Functions Full System Full System All Functions Full System All Functions Full System All Functions
Special Functions 36 38 42 42
J2534 protocol No No No No
CAN FD Support M811 Yes Yes Yes
ECU Coding /Programming No No No Yes
Update Free Online Update(3 Years) Free Online Update(3 Years) Free Online Update(3 Years) Free Online Update(3 Years)
Vehicle Coverage OBDII-compliant vehicles OBDII-compliant vehicles OBDII-compliant vehicles and some non-OBDII vehicles OBDII-compliant vehicles and some non-OBDII vehicles
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